3 Must-Watch Animated Movies that Feature Martial Arts

Martial Art films have gone from being niche to becoming one of the most popular genres of movies. The credit goes to Bruce Lee for introducing it to international audiences. People love to watch action-packed films where fight sequences and intricate fight choreography are the highlights. Despite the intense battles being a main feature however, martial art focused movies aren’t all grim-dark. In fact, most modern movies involving Karate, Kung Fu, Brazilian jiu-jitsu, Kick Boxing, Muay Read more [...]

You Are About to Engage in a Street Fight, Now What?

One of the most misportrayed scenarios in movies and television, is street fighting. In a movie, the protagonist is challenged to a fight by a goon or goons. Usually over the honour of a love interest or because of an insult. He/she exchanges blows with the opponent(s). And then, the hero is victorious with only superficial injuries. It all looks so easy. Real life is very different. There’s nothing easy, simple or honourable about a street fight. On a mat or in a ring, there’s rules Read more [...]

Exercises to Develop Your Mind-Body Connection

If you’ve just started doing martial arts, then there’s a good chance your strikes and stamina are behind your peers. These will develop as you continue to train, but it will take time, there’s no helping that. You can speed up your novice period thankfully. All it will take is a little effort on your part. Being successful in martial arts involves technique and dedication. However, a third element is the mind-body connection. This can be developed independently, with the right exercises. Performing Read more [...]

12 Essential Tips for Muay Thai Newbies

The first day of anything can be an intimidating experience for a beginner. This is especially true for Muay Thai. You’ll learn a lot when you first start your training and it can seem overwhelming. Here are twelve essential tips to help you prepare. 1. Your body shape doesn’t matter. No one is expected to be in tip-top shape when they first start training. What matters most is your attitude and willingness to learn. Besides, practicing Muay Thai will help you to get into shape. 2. Read more [...]

The 5 Hidden Benefits of Kickboxing You Didn’t Know About

Good workouts make you sweat and burn calories. Great workouts offer you so much more. Kickboxing isn’t just an incredible calorie-burner; it can also help you in shaping your body, and making it supple and strong. There are other ways in which this martial art can benefit you, ways that you didn’t even know about. Here are five excellent reasons why should join a kickboxing class today! 1) Stress Relief Pressure at work and problems at home, can leave you feeling stressed and anxious. Read more [...]