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Why Meditation is Important for Martial Arts Practitioners

Meditation plays an extremely important role in martial arts. However, it’s easily overlooked as the thrill of a fight seems more important to most new students. What they don’t realize is that people who take the time to incorporate some form of introspection and stillness into their training journey enhance their overall training. Many coaches and fighters believe mental toughness to be a fighter’s single most important attribute. They believe that if a fighter has mental control over Read more [...]

5 Techniques to Increase Your Punching Power

Be it Muay Thai, Boxing or Mixed Martial Arts, one of the most important aspects of fighting is punching power. A proper punch needs to have power behind it to be effective. Fighters work hard to master the art of powerful punching. It takes training, exercise and special techniques to improve their jab, hook, cross and uppercut. If you’re new to the art of fighting and want to increase your punching power, then follow these 5 tips. 1) Strengthen Your Lower Body Your lower body plays Read more [...]

Martial Arts and the Importance of Injury Prevention

  Martial Arts is a fantastic high-energy sport that helps promote mental and physical health. Offered in many forms, this cardio exercise has many benefits that help prevent and combat disease and improve the overall function of your body. However, as your body works hard to increase heart rate and build endurance, injury prevention is equally important for your safety and success.  Physical Activity and the Body Martial arts are a high-aerobic or cardiovascular exercise that involves Read more [...]

You Are About to Engage in a Street Fight, Now What?

One of the most misportrayed scenarios in movies and television, is street fighting. In a movie, the protagonist is challenged to a fight by a goon or goons. Usually over the honour of a love interest or because of an insult. He/she exchanges blows with the opponent(s). And then, the hero is victorious with only superficial injuries. It all looks so easy. Real life is very different. There’s nothing easy, simple or honourable about a street fight. On a mat or in a ring, there’s rules Read more [...]

Beginner’s Way to the Invincible World of MMA

The ambiguous combination of different martial arts and sports, together coins the term Mixed Martial Arts (MMA). This unarmed combat is known for training the fighters with diversity of techniques adapted from Wrestling, Muay Thai Kickboxing, Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, Boxing and more. The stances of extensive physical commitment and probability to get hurt doesn't make MMA a favorite to all. But the admirers appreciate the fact of being on the advantageous side with not one but multiple effective tricks. Read more [...]