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Martial Arts Better than Team Sports for Kids, Here’s Why

There are many activities available for kids these days to take part in. However, there’s no program which encompasses character development and physical education like martial arts. There are several reasons why martial arts are amazing for a child’s development, especially when compared to most team sports. Let’s go over some of those reasons. Confidence As children progress in martial arts, they become more skilled. This boosts their confidence allowing them to be more self-confident. Read more [...]

Why Should Your Kid Learn Martial Arts?

As a parent, it’s worrying to see your child throw punches and kicks at a sibling, or throw items around the house. Thankfully, there are ways to channel that aggressive energy into something productive, like martial arts training. Believe it or not, such aggressive acts can greatly benefit your child when its tempered through martial arts training and discipline. Real martial arts training (unlike what’s shown on television or movies) is based on the principle of non-violence. There are Read more [...]

3 Must-Watch Animated Movies that Feature Martial Arts

Martial Art films have gone from being niche to becoming one of the most popular genres of movies. The credit goes to Bruce Lee for introducing it to international audiences. People love to watch action-packed films where fight sequences and intricate fight choreography are the highlights. Despite the intense battles being a main feature however, martial art focused movies aren’t all grim-dark. In fact, most modern movies involving Karate, Kung Fu, Brazilian jiu-jitsu, Kick Boxing, Muay Read more [...]

Exercises to Develop Your Mind-Body Connection

If you’ve just started doing martial arts, then there’s a good chance your strikes and stamina are behind your peers. These will develop as you continue to train, but it will take time, there’s no helping that. You can speed up your novice period thankfully. All it will take is a little effort on your part. Being successful in martial arts involves technique and dedication. However, a third element is the mind-body connection. This can be developed independently, with the right exercises. Performing Read more [...]

MMA – Add a New Facet in Being the Strong Woman

The way you live your life is not to be interfered by anyone. But if some lifestyle can reward you with a healthy and happy self, how about giving some effort in it? Isn't engrossing work life hard enough that you don't need the same old methods of exercise and machinery equipment in gym to increase your monotony? Then what is there so interesting to do? Mixed Martial Arts blends fighting techniques taken from Muay Thai Kick Boxing, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, Boxing and Wrestling. Thus, you are not Read more [...]