This fighting style has its focus on the person’s fists by using the position of the body to add power to their strikes. Boxer’s train their body to react to any oncoming attack while training their fists to be fast and deadly to get a quick and decisive knock-out. Boxing is known worldwide as a martial art/sport, and is very competitive. Cardio is a major part of the sport to condition the body to endure several rounds to keep as much strength as possible. Boxers’ condition their body’s to withstand hits from their opponents and to avoid being taken down from hits to the body. Common strikes used by a Boxer are jabs (quick punches using the lead hand), power shots (strong punches with your dominate hand), and hooks (punching and twisting the body while curving the arm). Boxers use parries (deflecting punches using the hands), slips (when a punch is coming you sharply rotate the shoulders and hips to move out of the way and let the punch “slip” by your head), and ducking (with a straight back you drop down so the punch misses entirely). In this sport there are three styles of boxing, Out-fighter (“Boxer”), Brawler (or slugger), and In-fighter (“Swarmer”). Out-fighters are strategists who need reach, hand speed, reflexes, and footwork to win a fight as their strategy is to keeping their distance at the same time wearing down the opponent with jab’s. Brawlers are more about power and aren’t very mobile but make up for it by being able to take a much higher number of hits. Lastly In-fighters are the type of fighters that prefer close range; they get close to their opponent and land series of hooks and uppercuts.

Legends MMA has a strong Boxing program, that is suited for beginners and elite fighters. Since MMA is taking over the fighting world every fighter should practice essential boxing skills. Other schools tend to teach Boxing from a Muay Thai point of view which could be weak or watered down. You have to have a good base of boxing to incorporate it into Muay Thai Kickboxing as the angles are different. Legends MMA trains fighters the base of the original style of boxing to sharpen up our hands to incorporate them into Kickboxing and MMA. Boxing uses a lot of cardio so it is also used for people who just want to lose weight, get in shape, or stay healthy. We have our very own boxing team here at Legends MMA. Please try out our boxing class in Brampton, and come join the Legends Family.