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At Legends MMA our women’s classes are packed with high energy workouts led by Billy and...

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11th November, 2021

Teaching children how to protect themselves against bullying or other attacks is important but too often overlooked. Practicing martial arts, however, is a great way to learn self-defence. It not only allows children to

6th October, 2021

Have you been searching online for “best boxing classes near me?” Then you have arrived at the right place. Boxing is one of the oldest and most celebrated martial arts. It has been refined and perfected for

3rd September, 2021

Wrestling tests both your physical and mental capabilities. For years, many girls and boys have played the sport with a lot of enthusiasm. They usually start with school or local wrestling clubs and succeed to higher lev

15th July, 2021

Are you a woman looking to get fit, reduce your stress, and get healthy? Have you considered martial arts training? There are amazing benefits, and they are some of the best activities to strengthen your body and mind, i

28th June, 2021

Are you thinking of taking up kickboxing but worry that you should have started as a kid? Starting a training program in kickboxing as an adult is a great way to improve your balance, power, and agility. Indeed, it’s t

11th June, 2021

Motherhood changes female martial artists both physically and emotionally. And while you may feel ready mentally to return to your training, your body may not be. Returning to martial arts training postpartum is a slow p

19th March, 2021

Are you bored with your regular workout? How about getting into something more intense and interesting? How about Muay Thai? This combat-style sport involves hand-to-hand and leg-to-body contact. It’s also a gruell

19th March, 2021

Are you interested in martial arts but don’t know where to start? Brazilian jiu-jitsu (BJJ) teaches students to use their underlying strength and body weight to defeat their opponent in the competition. It’s also

10th January, 2021

Since childhood we are taught to avoid violence. But not everyone does. Having the ability to defend ourselves or others, even if we never use it, can bring peace of mind. Martial arts is one way to achieve that. But the

20th December, 2020

Mixed martial arts (MMA) is an exciting combat sport that combines various types of fighting disciplines, including kickboxing, Brazilian jiu-jitsu and muay Thai. Although it’s a fantastic way to improve your focus