youth legends

Does your child want to break out of the monotony of regular sports? Are they looking for a fun new way to learn self-defence and stay fit? Then you (and they) have come to the right place.

At Legends MMA we offer cutting-edge mixed martial arts programs for youths aged 4 and up. We introduce them to the exciting world of combat sports through age-specific teaching methods, games and exercises, allowing them to increase their flexibility, coordination, endurance and strength. Our highly trained coaches combine traditional stand-up martial arts with RBSD (Reality Based Self Defence) techniques that incorporate strength training and conditioning.

Our classes are open to all skill levels and are taught by instructors who are experts in their discipline. Our programs are a brilliant way for children and young adults to develop a set of valuable tools to handle life’s challenges, such as good behaviour and time management, all while having a great time. We focus on teaching our students the value of setting goals and working towards achieving them in a safe, friendly environment.

Training to Empower Young Students

Our young adult programs teach them intermediate and advanced techniques in an unintimidating, non-violent environment. We teach students to successfully defend themselves against real-life scenarios such as strikes and grab & hold. By integrating fitness with self-defence and sports, we aim to instill values of discipline, physical fitness, self-confidence and mental focus in students from a young age.

Core Strategies of Our Youth Program

  • Encouraging Physical Activity

When you enroll your child in our Youth MMA program, you ensure they spend time in a physically demanding sport that prevents them from leading a sedentary lifestyle. This, in turn, allows them to see the benefits of being active from a young age and form habits they’ll be happy to have well into adulthood.

  • Building Confidence

Our students can see the results of their dedication and hard work firsthand as they progress in their classes and master the techniques they’re being taught. We’re confident we can help children and young adults reach their potential both physically and mentally through our programs.

  • Developing Teamwork Skills

Students will participate in programs with guidance from their trainers and help from their teammates. This encourages them to enjoy the thrill of competition with their sparring partner and understand the value of working with others. Although most sports allow athletes to compete individually, when they train with others, they get a different outlook on problems they can’t solve on their own.

In a world of instant gratification, it can be difficult to teach children and young adults the value of working towards achieving their goals through patience, discipline, hard work and emotional control. At Legends MMA we pride ourselves on helping young people build character and teaching them to never give up.