About Us

Here is your chance to be a proud member of Brampton’s one and only fully equipped Mixed Martial Arts studio!

Legends MMA prides itself in specializing in mixed martial arts for men, woman and children. Our Mixed Martial Arts Studio focuses on many aspects and is not just about turning the next person into a pro fighter. We understand that everybody has their own individual reasons for joining and we like to try and work with everyone so that they can attain their goals. Whether it is to learn self defense, get in shape, stay active, lose weight or live out that dream of being a fighter, we have classes and training regimens for all levels.

Please view our Kids and Youth page for more information on our classes especially designed for kids and adolescents.

Our Staff of well trained professionals want you to be every bit as pleased with your MMA experience as the hundreds of customers that we have helped independently for years.

If you’re interested and curious just come on down and check out our studio and try out one of our classes as your first two classes are free of charge. However, we know that once you try it you`ll be hooked! We look forward to hearing from you or even better to seeing you at Legends MMA!

Why Choose Us


At Legends MMA, we teach the philosophies and disciplines of several mixed martial arts, including karate, Muay Thai, Brazilian jiu-jitsu, kickboxing, wrestling, savate and boxing. We help our students build a strong and solid foundation that creates long-lasting confidence that allows them to protect themselves. We aim to empower men, women and children to profit from mixed martial arts by training in a competitive yet cooperative environment. Here are some reasons why you should give Legends MMA a try.

  • Legends MMA teaches essential self-defence skills that help build students’ self-assurance and confidence.
  • We train students to increase their level of alertness when facing a dangerous situation. Our mixed martial arts school will help you defend and protect yourself.
  • Our training methods teach discipline to students, so they can apply to other areas in life. This includes strengthening their resolve to maintain a healthy diet and helping them adhere to a strict schedule.
  • We help students of all ages improve their level of fitness through well-rounded exercise regimes for their physical and mental development.
  • Our school doesn’t use outdated or unsafe training methods, and our trainers ensure the environment is a non-violent and progressive one for all students.
  • We help our students build a strong foundation to progress to more advanced levels using efficient techniques.

No matter which program you choose, at Legends MMA you can thrive as a mixed martial artist. Contact us to learn more!