Savate (French Style Kickboxing)

The meaning of Savate is, “Old Shoe”,  this martial art originated from France, and is the only style of kickboxing which still uses shoe’s in competitive matches. This martial art uses every angle to its advantage with slips and steps to dodge an oncoming attack while at the same time landing powerful strikes with the legs to decimate an opponent. Savate combines speed with balance, and focuses on mostly leg work to deliver a perfectly timed series of kicks at extreme speeds. Blinking is not recommended when watching the sport or you might miss it. Most martial arts rank using a belt system but savate uses a glove system. There are two types of roads where the gloves vary, The Technical road is Blue Glove, Green Glove, Red Glove, White Glove, Yellow Glove, Silver Glove I, Silver Glove II and Silver Glove III and the Competition Road with Bronze Glove, Silver Glove I, Silver Glove II, Silver Glove III, Silver Glove IV and Silver Glove V. Common moves associated with this fighting style are Fouetté (A round house kick with the leg bent and at the last moment straighten the leg to strike the opponent like a whip), Chassé (A front or side piston-action kick), and coup de pied bas (A type of low kick or sweep kick made to strike the opponents shin while the user makes a backwards lean, this move is designed to break the shin). Savate also incorporates fists in their fights common boxing moves in their fights. This in style fighters are taught to fight in both orthodox and south-paw style to switch positions at any given time during a fight.

Here at Legends MMA we incorporate Savate into our fighting program. As a Savate fighter we learn that orthodox and south-paw are used equally as the fighters switch stances at will when they compete. This is one of the most popular kickboxing style in Europe and in our school we love to put it into our K-1 program and MMA. Our fighters use a lot of Savate angles while increasing the speed of our punches and kicks to give us an advantage in any K-1 or MMA competitions. Learn from the best of Savate here at Legends MMA, come join the family.