Tiny Tots

tiny totsOur Tiny Tots program is an introductory program to MMA, restricted to children between the ages of 4-6. We at Legends MMA believe the importance of promoting a healthy life style, and discipline at a young age, reflecting this through teaching and enforcing honour, discipline and respect towards parents, friends and oneself. During the last few years children have become less active, we intend to combat this by creating a love for fitness, sport, and health. The classes are great for students with ADD/ADHD as our classes boost dopamine levels, increasing focus.

The interactive classes focus on basic techniques, bully-proofing and stranger danger.

During the 45 minute class, both individual and interactive activities are held, promoting self-esteem and individual progress in both strengthening and reflexive skills. The energized classes are fun, while encouraging both leadership and social skills.

Graduating students will be promoted into the Little Legends class.

We have an 11-level promotion system, where belt tests are given out according to the students’ progress. All our tests are provided on a 1 – on – 1 basis, conducted by either the Sensei or one of our Senpais. Family and friends are welcome to watch the testing progress. Ceremonies and belt promotions are held later in the afternoon, following a free pizza party.