Muay Thai Brampton

Originating from Thailand and also known as “The Science of 8 Limbs”, Muay Thai is a style that uses all aspects of the body. You strike with the arms and legs for long-range, while using knees and elbows for short-range strikes. Muay Thai fighters are known to use powerful and quick strikes to injure and/or disorient their opponent, and then the clinch is used to land knees and elbows to cause a knock-out. Some common moves in Muay Thai are, checking (using your shin to block a kick), teep kick (using your foot to push kick an opponent aiming at the body or head), clinch (grabbing the opponent’s head also known as inside fighting is used to hold the opponent to land devastating strikes from the knees and elbows), and thai kick’s (delivering a powerful kick using your shin). Muay Thai is intertwined with the culture from the people of Thailand; many fighters are still follow exact traditions of Muay Thai such as the Thai Dance and Thai music playing during the fight. Traditional states play music faster so fighters fight faster. The conditioning of this martial art is heavily focused on the body to promote cardio and strength required for ring competitions from amateur to pro fights. Shin conditioning is crucial when training to be a Muay Thai fighter the process of this conditioning is called cortical remodeling. This is done by striking a hard subject with the shin bone to strengthen the area to be able to endure an attack and when striking.

Here at our Legends MMA we have a very strong Muay Thai Kickboxing program. Our school teaches Muay Thai starting from a beginner level to an advance level to suit anyone just starting out or has experience in the style of fighting. For Muay Thai fighters we work on speed, power, and cardio while at the same time we teach techniques such as incorporating knees, elbows, clinches, punching, and powerful thai kicks combinations. For MMA fighters a strong base of Muay Thai is needed to compete in any MMA competitions. Our program is also suited for those who just want to cut weight, get in shape, and stay healthy. Our fighters here are getting the best of the best in this martial art, come join the Legend’s Muay Thai Family.