Free Style Wrestling

This style is popular throughout the world and is one of the oldest fighting style/sport. This art focuses on ground fighting by using the body’s physical and mental strength to overpower the opponent and obtain the upper hand. In an official match (Amateur or Olympic) the way to win is to gain the most point’s from completing successful technique’s, submission, or Pinning your opponent’s shoulder’s to the mat for a 3 second count. Takedown’s can be awarded between 1-5 points from 5 points you get by being able to lift the opponent off the mat and slamming them back down, 3 point’s for bring an opponent off the mat slightly from grabbing the stomach or legs, 1 point is awarded if you take the opponent down by the legs or stomach. Some was to win a match in wrestling are “win by fall” (getting the opponent’s back on the mat and pinning their shoulders to the floor), “win by technical superiority” (winning a period/round by having the most amount of point’s, if you have the most point’s in 2 out of 3 periods you win by technical superiority), win by default (winning if a wrestler is unable to continue or fails to show up on the mat after his name is called three time’s), win by injury (winning if your opponent is injured during a match or before the match), and “win by disqualification” (if your opponent is cautioned 3 time’s or injures you by an illegal move they are disqualified and you win). The two most popular styles of wresting are freestyle and Greko roman wrestling.

Legends MMA teaches that the best way to take someone down is from a wrestling point of view. Since wrestling is the best base for Mixed Martial Arts fighting to hold your own stance in place and to take down your opponent with ease. Wrestling is an asset to have when fighting in mixed martial arts with their combined ground fighting with Brazilian jiu-jitsu to put an opponent into submission or get into mount position and ground and pound your opponent. Training in the wrestling style strengthens your neck and body muscles since wrestling requires explosive power and great technique to take down an opponent. We encourage people to try out our wrestling class.