K-1 Kickboxing

There are multiple styles of kickboxing as it is a worldwide martial art, but the basic principles are the same. The three main styles that are blended into K-1 are Muay Thai, Savate, and Boxing. These styles are put together to incorporate the best of each martial art. Fighters attack with knees, punches, and kicks while at the same time they parry, slip, step, or cut angles to dodge, and counterattack. K-1is leading in competition since its fighters are not specific on one style but vary between the three main styles and make it difficult for champions of just one style when they enter in a K-1 competition. The K-1 kickboxing promotion was founded in Tokyo, Japan and the rules are similar to kickboxing but have been simplified to make a match more exciting to the crowd and may end up in a knock out. There is usually a rivalry between Muay Thai and Savate fighter’s since both styles are kickboxing and argue over which style is better. In K-1 the argument can be taken into practice since in official Savate and Muay Thai fight’s, the rules are different but in K-1 both styles are put together without specific rules they can unleash fury on each other. Different from MMA that mixes ground and stand-up with the use of strikes and grappling technique fighting, K-1 Kickboxing is strictly stand-up with only use of strikes. At Legends we are big on K-1 kickboxing and incorporate every stand-up style into one to make the best fighters possible for the next generation. K-1 is the future of fighting and Legends will be the first to make the best fighters.