Karate originated from Japan and is a stand-up striking style that uses any part of the body. This style uses punching, kicking, knee strikes, open hand techniques and elbow strikes. Some styles vary if they use grappling, throws, joint locks, restraints, and vital point strikes or not. It teaches the person discipline and self-control to focus their strength on the fight. This martial art is popular throughout the world especially for kids since the art teaches about honour, respect, discipline, balance, and self-control. Popular actors such as Jackie Chan, and Chuck Norris are all karate masters and have added to the popularity of the martial art itself from their famous movies. The competition in karate is called full contact karate. The rules are similar to taekwondo but a knockout or knockdown can be obtained during a match. If no one is knockout or knockdown during a match then the winner is decided through decision from judges on which person obtain the highest amount of points. Points are obtained through landing clean and legal strikes to the head, body (torso), or the legs. Most karate schools use a belt system to rate the person’s skill usually starting from the typical white belt to the black belt. The darkening of the colours is to represent the darkening through age and experience of learning karate. Many dojos of multiple fighting styles have adopted this type of belt system. This martial art is known for changing people into calm and respective members of society.

At Legends MMA we take the best of both worlds from karate and kickboxing for our kids classes. The respect, honour, and discipline that we teach are from the karate point of view. The techniques, realistic self defense, and sparring are from the kickboxing point of view. The rules and philosophy in karate is essential for kids to understand the five main rules; honour, respect, discipline, self-defence, and helping others. Our very successful kid’s program is growing, strong and parents are very happy to see their kids improving. We also have parties, pizza days, tournament, movie nights, and our very popular summer camps.