Boxing Classes in Brampton: Which of These 4 Styles Is Right for You?

Boxing is both a martial art and a combat sport. In it, two opponents matched in weight throw punches at each other for a decided time while wearing protective gear. The protective gear includes hand wraps, mouthguards, boxing gloves and headgear.

The earliest evidence of boxing can be traced to Sumeria in the 3rd millennium BCE. It first appeared as a sport at the 23rd Olympiad in 680 BCE. Boxing is also known as pugilism, which is related to the Latin word pugnus, meaning ‘fists’.

Boxing will keep you fit and improve your cardiovascular health. Let’s look at the four styles you should know before joining boxing classes in Brampton.

Explore the 4 Types of Boxing Classes We Offer in Brampton

Like most sports and martial arts, boxing has a variety of styles. Here, we explore four of the main kinds:

  1. Out-Fighter

    Out-fighting is an elegant form of boxing. Fighters who practice out-fighting are also known as out-boxers. The out-fighter is a kind of boxer who likes to keep distance from his opponent inside the boxing ring. Tall boxers with longer reach are ideal out-fighters. Their main objective is to constantly move about the ring in an attempt to tire their opponent. This moving about is usually followed by quick footwork (the way you position yourself to attack or dodge) and fast jabs (a punch thrown with the front of the hand). Multiple jabs usually come in succession and are meant to catch the opponent off-guard. Since they maintain distance from their opponent, out-fighters are also good at dodging. The distance between the boxer and their opponent is the main defence for out-fighters.

    A good out-boxer will always be outside their opponent’s reach while using feints (a fake punch used to make the opponent react) to draw their opponent into their own reach. The techniques of out-fighters are similar to those taught at self-defence classes in Brampton. This is because you do not need the muscle power required to throw powerful punches like a slugger.

  2. Out-Fighter

  3. Slugger

    As opposed to the elegant technique of the out-fighter, sluggers have a more brutal method of fighting. Therefore, a common name for sluggers is brawlers. These kinds of boxers have some of the most powerful punches and jabs. Their goal is to try and win by a knockout or KO. (This is when a boxer loses consciousness due to an attack by the opponent and remains on the ground until the count of 10 and loses the fight.)

    Sluggers usually have thicker and stronger body styles than out-fighters. This helps them make jabs powerful enough to knock out opponents. It also works as a defence and allows them to take heavy punches by strongly planting their feet on the ground.

    Unlike out-fighters, sluggers do not try to tire out their opponent by moving around the ring. Instead, they wait for a good opportunity to strike hard and secure a KO.

  4. In-Fighter

    Also known as swarmers or pressure-fighters, in-fighters are high-energy and high-endurance boxers who chase their opponents around the ring in close proximity. This close-range fighting is suitable for boxers with smaller physiques and shorter reaches. In-fighters are aggressive and known to spontaneously change their fighting angles and styles to confuse their opponents. Their repeated punches are meant to prevent the opponent from having enough time to react and counterattack.


    The numerous punches delivered by a pressure fighter often wear down the opponent’s defence, forcing them to engage on the back foot (to retreat in an attempt to avoid attack). In-fighters fight strategically with a combination of jabs, footwork, feints, and uppercuts (an upward punch meant for the chin) and quickly retreat to avoid possible counter-attacks.
    In-fighting boxing classes in our Brampton location usually focus on head movement (used to evade strikes).

  5. Boxer-Puncher

    Boxer punchers have the qualities of both out-fighters and sluggers. They have the mobility, accurate footwork, stamina and punching strategies of out-fighters, which sluggers often lack. On the other hand, sluggers have powerful and more aggressive punches which boxer punchers can also execute.

    They can adapt to any kind of situation and fight against all types of boxers. Due to the boxer-puncher’s ability to combine different styles while fighting, they are the most unpredictable type of fighter. They can, indeed, tire out a slugger, overpower an in-fighter, and hit punches as hard as out-fighters.

Boxing is a combat sport with various styles and techniques. Your physical build and personal preferences determine whether you are an out-fighter, slugger, in-fighter, or boxer puncher. By taking boxing classes in Brampton, you can learn which style suits you best. Experienced trainers will help you meet your boxing goals. With their guidance, you can enjoy the many benefits of this exhilarating sport. If you’re thinking about enrolling in boxing classes, contact Legends MMA in Brampton, Ontario.