Why You Should Encourage Your Child to Box

Kids in 2019 are spending more and more of their time glued to one screen or another instead of being physically active. Over time that level of inactivity is prone to increase and is often paired with an unhealthy diet. This, in turn, can lead to serious health concerns like type 2 diabetes and obesity, which can affect their mental as well as physical well-being. If parents do not take action to change these habits, they can easily be carried into adulthood. If you are a parent whose child has taken up these unhealthy habits, encouraging them to box is a great idea. To help you understand the benefits of boxing, experts at a leading MMA academy in Brampton have prepared this blog post. Keep reading to find out why it is a good idea for your child to take up boxing.

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4 Reasons Why Your Child Should Try Boxing

  1. Improve Fitness

One of the most obvious reasons why children should be encouraged to try boxing is to get them to be more active. Because many kids lead sedentary lifestyles, their health may deteriorate which can be frustrating for parents too. By enrolling your kids in boxing classes, you ensure that they are engaged in a sport that involves a lot of overall movement. Boxing is a fantastic cardiovascular exercise and can teach children from an early age dedication, discipline, and the basics of leading an active and healthy life. Mixed martial arts (MMA) and boxing involve intense workouts such as punching bag and punching drill workouts. Similar to how it helps adults, the sport can boost your child’s endurance and stamina and lower their future risk of chronic diseases. The movements involved also result in good oxygen circulation to the entire body.

  1. Increase Mental Toughness

Once your child starts boxing, they will not just become physically stronger but emotionally and mentally too. They learn not to allow their fears and self-doubts to get in the way of their progress and acquire the mental strength to push themselves past their own physical limits. And do you know what the best part is? That same strength will also help them deal with daily stress and obstacles they may face in life.

  1. Boost Confidence

Boxing can be a great tool to improve your child’s confidence, attitude and general outlook on life. They are forced to move out of their comfort zone and grow as a person, not just as a boxer. As they overcome various training obstacles and fears, they will start believing in themselves and embrace their inner fighter. Training with other children will also teach them a little humility, as someone will always be tougher or bigger. Giving positive affirmations to youngsters helps to develop their self-esteem, and when they hear that someone believes in their abilities, it sets them up to succeed in whatever they do. Boxing can thus motivate kids and build character by making them realize that they can persevere through the toughest of situations.

  1. Develop Socially

An often-overlooked benefit of boxing, especially when it comes to younger kids, is the social one. Leagues are generally categorized by age so you can rest assured knowing your child will make plenty of friends their own age. Although it may be an individual sport, boxing also gives kids a chance to meet and interact with kids of different ages and backgrounds, create cherished memories, and possibly even make lifelong friends bonded by shared experiences both inside and outside the gym. They will also get the opportunity to visit new places and experience new cultures if they end up travelling to tournaments.

Training children to box may seem controversial at first glance, but it is actually a relatively safe sport when proper precautions are taken, with several benefits. Children become fitter and more psychologically resilient. Most of the training takes place outside of the boxing ring, which is supervised by trained adults and professionals. Additionally, boxing can offer kids a healthy outlet for their restless energy. And there is no need for parents to worry about competitions as the actual contact element is very limited and trainers ensure all boxers spar in a controlled and safe way.