5 Techniques to Increase Your Punching Power

Be it Muay Thai, Boxing or Mixed Martial Arts, one of the most important aspects of fighting is punching power. A proper punch needs to have power behind it to be effective.

Punching power of muay-thai

Fighters work hard to master the art of powerful punching. It takes training, exercise and special techniques to improve their jab, hook, cross and uppercut.

If you’re new to the art of fighting and want to increase your punching power, then follow these 5 tips.

1) Strengthen Your Lower Body

Your lower body plays a vital role in providing strength to your punches. It works as a foundation for drawing power. Lower body muscles such as your quads and hamstrings should be well-developed to generate force from the ground and transfer it to your fist. Improve your aerobatic endurance by performing activities such as squats, cycling, jumps and other plyometric exercises.

2) Work on Your Fists

When it comes to fighting styles such as Muay Thai and Boxing, your hands are your most effective weapons. Strengthen your hands with some fist exercises. Take a large tub, fill it with rice and dig your hands through them with your fingertips. Another exercise to get durable fists is punching through sandbags or water. Remember to punch gently, but constantly.

3) Boost Your Rotational Movement

Increasing your explosive rotational movement is necessary to improve your speed and punching power. Strengthening your upper body muscles will help you in executing your technique effectively. Concentrate on exercises that work on your core and torso. It will increase the amount of force you get from your lower body muscles to produce a powerful punch. Swing a golf club or baseball bat just like you’re throwing a punch. You can also use a sledgehammer and swing it to develop core strength and power.

4) Build Up Your Speed

A great punch is generated with immense force within a short period. Therefore, to master a heavy hitting punch, you need to work on your speed. To build up your speed, try exercises such as shadowboxing, training with resistance bands, isometric training, etc. Practice punching as much as you can while focusing on your breathing. The more you practice the more your speed improves.

5) Relax Your Body

Overexerting your body can drain you of energy and affect your punching power. Stay relaxed and allow your hands to punch in a flow. Tightening up your muscles can add extra weight to your body. If you keep your body at ease, then your punches will accurately drive towards your opponent.

Strengthen your lower body and upper body muscles, improve your rotational movement and boost your speed to generate enormous power through your punches. Remember to also work on your accuracy, balance, timing, and precision to achieve great progress in different fighting styles. Just practice with dedication and work hard.