Benefits of Mixed Martial Arts for Women

8 Strong Reasons Why Women Should Do Mixed Martial Arts (MMA)

As a woman, a huge part of your journey involves becoming stronger and more confident in whatever you do – not just emotionally, but mentally and physically too. It doesn’t matter where you live, whether it’s the most dangerous or the safest city or neighbourhood, you can benefit from challenging yourself every day.

It is true that we all face difficulties in our lives based on our gender, whether it’s at home, the streets or our workplace. People who train in MMA, especially women, will agree that it can solve many problems for us, such as teaching us self-defence, making us stronger and healthier. Though, in the beginning, it may be intimidating to be in a male-dominated environment. But once you get past the initial stage, you are sure to benefit from the sport.

The style and dojo that you choose, along with the time you are willing to put into your training, are the factors that have a major impact on your performance. Though it may not be a quick fix, it is definitely a step in the right direction. Read our blog and find out how women specifically benefit from training in mixed martial arts.

1. Training in Self-Defence

you may find yourself in a situation where there may be danger

As mentioned above, you could be living in one of the safest cities in the world, but never take it for granted. You never know when you may find yourself in a situation where there may be danger. Training in mixed martial arts can help you obtain the necessary skill-set required to protect and defend yourself. This will surely help you feel safe and more at ease if you are somehow alone at night. This will also ensure that you have your peace of mind when you are travelling to any other part of the world, irrespective of being alone or with company. Mixed martial arts can provide you with the abilities to defend yourself, should the situation call for it.

2. Building Self-Confidence

gaining a great deal of confidence as a fighter

When you start training in MMA regularly, you see yourself improving your techniques, and in turn, gaining a great deal of confidence as a fighter. You start feeling better about the way you look, as MMA can aid in achieving a toned body since it is an extensive form of workout. It is possible to burn up to 1,000 calories within just the first hour of practice.

Also, the sport requires you to keep in constant contact with your fellow students and your coaches. It can help you develop some very important social skills and give you the confidence needed to communicate and mingle with people belonging to diverse spheres of life, both in school and out of it.

3. Getting into Shape

Apart from helping you achieve defined muscles, you will also learn many techniques which will teach you to face your fears. This happens as you have to face certain situations that may make you feel intimidated or uncomfortable during your training sessions, like sparring with someone who may be bigger and stronger than you. However, as you get mentally and physically stronger during your training, you will start noticing that you are getting in shape both inside and out while also learning how to embrace the challenges that life brings your way.

4. Finding Something You’re Good at

Though you may think you’re too small or powerless in front of your opponent, understand that technique is more important than size in MMA. Once you start getting a hang of the different complex techniques, your performance will improve and in turn, you will feel better about excelling at something you’re doing. It is possible for you to be a clever and fierce fighter who is capable of making bulky men anxious about facing you because you are just that good. There are so many aspects in MMA that you can choose to be good at, you never know what you may find.

5. Making Amazing Friends

Some shy women have a tough time interacting with people and making friends. But when they join an MMA class it works as an icebreaker for them. While training in MMA, you will obviously have to spend some time at the gym, or training school. The more time you spend in these places, the more chances you have of meeting new people. You may be sparring or training with them, for extended periods of time. Hence, eventually, they will be the ones helping you through tough sessions and also encourage you to push harder and farther. Due to this, training buddies generally become best friends both inside and outside the training school or gym.

6. Developing Mental Toughness

One of the greatest qualities that training in mixed martial arts helps you cultivate is persistence. As a martial artist, you learn that it’s important to get back on your feet every time you fall and keep on trying to perfect the fighting techniques.

This very same persistence will help you overcome obstacles in your daily life just the same as it will help you in the ring. Learning mixed martial arts is considered to be a journey towards self-improvement. It encourages you to strive to be the best version of yourself, both physically and mentally, no matter how long it takes, and how hard you need to push yourself.

7. Teaching You to Love Yourself

In mixed martial arts, your body is both your armour and your weapon. Only by training regularly you learn to respect and also treat it well. The sport can teach you how to lead a healthier lifestyle, eat the right food, receive sufficient rest, use them to fuel up and be prepared for your next training session. Once you pick up these habits and get used to them, you slowly but steadily become leaner and fit while feeling much better than before.

8. Learning About Your Limitations

to be physically and mentally strong

Mixed martial arts can be a great system of self-defence if you are willing to put in sufficient time. However, there’s still no guarantee that you will be able to save your life, should a situation call for it. It may not teach you to kick a gun out of someone’s hand or dodge bullets, but you learn how far your courage and strength can take you. You will gradually understand that the human body can just as easily break itself as it can cause damage to others. Initially, you will be terrified and weak, ignorant and bruised. However, while training, you will constantly be pushed out of your comfort zone and learn to carve yourself, which will be worth the struggle.

Every mixed martial artist goes through a different journey to get where they want to be. As a woman, if you want to learn to live without fear, to be physically and mentally strong and to also understand your spirit and body, train alongside other MMA artists looking for the same things. Remember to be persistent right through the beginning and you will be a part of something that you enjoy for the rest of your life.