The Basic Skills of Boxing You Need to know

boxingFloyd Mayweather and Conor McGregor was the fight of the century; if you watched it you would have noticed McGregor even though being a Mixed Martial Art competitor mastered his basic skills of boxing to win the first few rounds. Of course, the undefeatable Mayweather eventually won thanks to his stamina. The basic skills of boxing are essential to master and can take you a long way in your boxing career.

Here are three important skills you need to master at the beginning of boxing.

Boxing Stance

A proper stance is what separates the great boxers from the average boxers. Balance is the key to boxing, and if your stance is maintained correctly, the balance will be proper. Boxing is all about throwing punches, and the best punches are thrown when the balance is maintained.

The best way to keep your stance precise is by standing sideways with your shoulders opposite your strong hand to face your opponent.  Your feet below should be held at a reasonable distance from each other with the feet at a 45 angle towards your opponent.

Boxing Footwork

The footwork determines the speed of a boxer. A boxer has to undergo rigorous fitness activities such as jogging and skipping to increase the strength and speed of the legs. Touch the ground with the ball of your foot and not the heel as it allows you to push or pull faster and more efficiently when punching. A mistake that most beginners make is the long strides; keep your steps smaller as it will help you spend more time on the knockout punch. Remember to wear the right type of boxing shoes which are steady and comfortable for movement.


A boxer needs to master the elemental four punches to proceed to the more extreme blows. The first punch is the jab which is a swift punch which is the easiest punch you need to learn. The cross is the second and the most powerful punch. This punch is the riskiest as it exposes the boxer to a counter attack. There is the hook which is a surprise attack and comes from the side to hit the opponent. Flexibility is crucial to delivering the hook in the right fashion. The knockout punch is the final blow; it is also called the uppercut. In this punch, the delivery of the punch comes from underneath and is aimed at the jaw. Make sure the balance is right to deliver the uppercut with the most power.

 Once you get the basics of the physical side of boxing covered you need to concentrate on the mental stability. Keep your mental toughness as strong as possible, to outsmart your opponent. Keep calm and patient by understanding the next move of your opponent to decide your next tactic. Remember the right mixture of mental and physical skills will help you succeed in your boxing career.