Learn How to Determine Which Are the Best Martial Arts Gloves for You

Whether you are just looking forward to joining a martial arts class, or you have been training for some time, this blog will help you understand the different types of gloves required for boxing, Muay Thai, and MMA. Gloves used for this type of training are quite different in their design than regular gloves. Not only that, but there are several varieties available as well. It’s always a good idea to brush up your knowledge on their types and differences before you end up buying gloves for the wrong sport.

Boxing Style Gloves

Boxing Style Gloves

Boxing gloves have had the same overall style. Over time, however, has adopted a few small changes. Some boxing gloves are more rounded compared to others. Some gloves have straight thumbs and some have a more curved thumb. But the standard western boxing glove comes with a grip bar and Velcro, or a lace, or sometimes both. There is a variety of materials as well, which ranges from leather to synthetic to mesh.
Boxing gloves are manufactured according to the requirements of the boxers, who need to use their knuckles a lot for striking. For this very reason, heavy padding is used in these gloves. You can find some gloves with thick padding around the palms too, but the greatest protection provided is for the knuckles.

Muay Thai Style Gloves

Muay Thai Style Gloves

When it comes to looks, boxing gloves are more versatile than Muay Thai gloves, but the latter is more flexible compared to traditional boxing gloves. The screen-printed designs are often more dramatic even though the glove style is more or less the same. Most of Thai gloves have one solid shape, starting from the back of the hand to the thumb. With boxing gloves, however, the thumb is sometimes separately sewn. You can find alternatives where the thumb part of the boxing glove is split into two different colours as well.

Muay Thai style gloves are more compact than boxing gloves. The padding of Thai gloves is mostly on the backside of the hand to provide a better blocking advantage. Compared to boxing gloves, Muay Thai gloves have thinner padding on the knuckles. Thai Boxers do not rely much on their knuckles during a fight. Also, these gloves are more flexible compared to regular boxing gloves which are considered an advantage by some fighters. The design of Thai gloves implements a straight thumb style which allows better grip and this aids in the clinch.

“MMA” Style

MMA Style Gloves

This is considered a new “style” and is a broader and more generalized glove. The primary reason behind classifying these gloves as a new style is its design. Some brands have come up with designs which have dual Velcro straps and a split backhand along with a knuckle section that is separated from the rest of the glove. These unique qualities that you don’t see in regular boxing gloves, are meant to improve your movement.

Muay Thai Style Gloves vs Boxing Gloves

When you closely compare the various advantages and design perks associated with the boxing style and the Muay Thai style gloves, it is difficult to choose one over another. Your fighting style has a lot to do with determining which will be the better choice of accessory for you. Boxing gloves are customized according to the requirements of the boxer which is definitely an advantage to count on. Muay Thai style gloves win out when you prioritize flexibility and comfort. The type of fighting sport that you are into is another important factor that will influence your choice.

There are different sports brands which tweak and modify the standard designs to incorporate various subtle but effectively beneficial factors to help the sportsmen. Which style is the best for you largely depends on two major factors- namely, the sports you are playing and your personal priorities and preferences. If you are solely training in boxing, traditional and high-quality boxing gloves are what you will need.

No matter what the design is, the primary task of a pair of gloves will be to protect your hands during sparring. If the gloves of your choice do its work well where protection is the primary requirement, it should be the right gloves for you. How much you excel in the game largely depends on your skills, rather than the accessories. You can take expert recommendations and advice to find what will suit you.