5 Reasons to Date a Martial Artist

5 Reasons to Date a Martial Artist

Choosing the right person is necessary to have a happy and long-lasting relationship. When it comes to being in a relationship a martial artist the advantages are many. Martial art professionals are not just some skilled warriors but are trained individuals who know how to balance the skills they learn in martial arts in their everyday lives. Most people tend to have a misconception about martial artists, that they are unable to convey love due to their stoicism. However, the truth is that both women and men that practise martial arts are very well equipped for competition, self-defence, physical, mental and spiritual fitness and development. All of these traits, when put together offer numerous benefits to these martial artists’ potential partners. So, why not consider dating one and enjoy the following benefits that come with it.

1. They’re psychologically and physically fit

People training in martial arts are physically very fit and treat their bodies like a temple, avoiding things which can detract them from their health. They spend up to 4 hours every day practicing and this is more than enough to keep their bodies in good shape.

2. They’re extremely disciplined

This activity doesn’t tolerate lack of discipline. Martial artists have really high levels of discipline when it comes to their habits and bodies. They have to learn how to control their minds as it helps in their disciplinary measures. They have to develop the power to force themselves to do things which many would deem as being uncomfortable. They have to train even when they’re sore, tired and even getting beaten. If you’re someone who’s bad at setting goals and keeping your diet in control, a partner or spouse who trains in martial arts can help restore discipline in your life.

3. They’re honest

Humility, honesty and respect are some of the most prominent characteristics that a martial artist has. They’re honest with themselves, their colleagues and their sensei. Hence, it’s automatic for them to extend the same respect to the people that they’re dating.

4. They’re dedicated, loyal and faithful

Martial artists devote their entire lives to those who are closest to them. Additionally, with the strong values that they have, they also have a strong sense of responsibility and belonging towards those they care about and love. Martial artists tend to see themselves as a tool to protect integrity, honesty, truth, wisdom and everything else that’s good in the world. They’re bound to stand by you through thick and thin.

5. They’re genuinely happy people

When a person is psychologically or physically fit, he/she has the confidence and discipline which can help him/her succeed in life and this is what makes him/her a happy man/woman. They master the art of being happy irrespective of whatever’s happening around them. They acquire the ability to find joy in the smallest of things and passing moments which most people tend to take for granted.

Both men and women who train in martial arts have many benefits that they can offer to their potential partners. You’re bound to come across many qualities which will greatly enhance your relationship.