4 Useful Tips for New Martial Arts Students

You need to consider several factors when it comes to enrolling yourself as a martial arts student, be it the choice of institution, the teachers, location, and the suitability of the course. However, as a new martial arts student, it’s common to get a little nervous or lack enough confidence before or just after joining your classes.

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With a lot of unknown things such as the rules of the martial art you’re about to learn, how fast you can learn the lessons, and whether you can remember the lessons well, new students often get worried. But you’re not alone! Almost all martial arts students go through similar feelings during the initial phase of learning.

In today’s blog post, we’ll share some useful tips to help you cope up with all your worries to get the most out of your training.

Define Your Goals and Stay Committed

When you’re starting to learn a martial art, you need to define your goal first. Ask yourself why you want to learn a martial art, do you want to achieve a high rank or do you want to make a career from it. It’s very important that you know what exactly you want to accomplish with this training. When you have clear goals in mind, this will help you find motivation during the challenging parts of your training.

Once you determine your goal, it’s crucial that you stay committed to it. You have to keep learning and practising on a regular basis to improve your skills and achieve your goals. It’s this commitment that will keep you going for a long time.

Take a Notebook to Class

Make it a point to write down what you learn after each class. This is a smart way to review your lessons anytime and keep track of your progress. Write down the lessons in your own words so that it’s easier for you to understand and recall the lessons. However, if writing them down is too much work for you, you can record a video or voice note on your phone. Taking notes of your lessons is also helpful in the long run if you wish to teach martial arts in the future.

Ask Questions Only at the End of the Class

Hold your questions until the class is over. A lot of new students often interrupt instructors during the class just to sound smart. Keep away from this habit and instead, you should be paying attention and remain silent when a technique is being taught to fully absorb all the information being given. Take your practice session seriously and at the end of it, ask questions about the technique that was taught. Don’t ask questions about techniques that aren’t yet taught or practised. Listen to the instructor first, practice next, and ask questions at the end.

Practice Perseverance

At some phases of your training period, you’ll have to face certain testing moments. During these moments, you may feel that the whole learning process is getting a lot more uncomfortable, tough, and even scary. Remember that martial arts aren’t about just punches or kicks but it’s also about building character, confidence, strength, and making you a better person. One of its major aims is to prepare you for life so that you can face any tough situation calmly without quitting. Therefore, you should persevere instead of giving up during the testing.

Now that you know the right attitude and approach you should have as a new martial arts student, follow these tips and enjoy your journey.