Boxing - Workout for Losing Weight

Boxing Is the Perfect Workout for Losing Weight

We live in a world that is focused on fitness and health, along with a growing sense of self-awareness. This is encouraging individuals to turn to unconventional methods to become fitter. Gone are the days when people resorted to going to the gym five days a week to spendhours lifting weights and running on a treadmill. Now, fitness-conscious individuals are looking to try new things, like an engaging workout that challenges both their body and mind. The newest fitness program to gain widespread popularity is martial arts, and the best form is boxing. People are drawn to it as it is an enjoyable and fun workout that promotes the health and well-being of the practitioner. If you are trying to get in better shape, keep reading and find out how boxing can be beneficial.


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How Boxing Aids in Weight Loss


  1. Offers a High-Impact Cardio Workout

Cardio typically burns more energy at a faster pace compared to other exercises as it encourages the heart to pump blood to keep muscles moving. Running, swimming, walking and rowing arepopular forms of cardiovascular exercise, but they can quickly become boring as they are repetitive. However, they are nowhere near as effective asboxing since the sport engages both your lower and upper body at the same time. Rigorous and intense pad work, followed by repetitions of fast-paced punching and striking,is great in developing enhanced anaerobic (muscle building) and aerobic (fat burning) respiration.

  1. Encourages Healthy Eating Habits

Boxers need to maintain a healthy diet to reach their highest potential. One of the primary differences between boxers and other athletes is that they must maintain their weight and keep it within a certain range if they want to compete. The main components of a boxer’s diet are:

  • Proteins

Protein is important for the construction and care of a fighter’s muscles, which isn’t just important for sparring and competition but also daily life. A boxer’s body suffers a significant amount of wear and tear, along with experiencing muscle pain, fatigue and injuries. Protein is a necessary addition to their diet as it helps prevent long-term muscle damage by regenerating tissues and cells. It is also great at increasing muscle mass, although any meats ingested shouldnot be fried or coated with breads.

  • Carbohydrates

Boxers need to consume carbohydrates to maintain sufficient energy levels during matches. The right amount of carbs will help the fighter gradually release energy throughout the day, increase stamina to perform better, and replenish depleted glycogenic levels. Food carbohydrates come in two forms:simple and bad carbs or good and complex carbs. Bad carbs assimilate too rapidly, flooding the body with sugar, which is regulated by the release of insulin. This release triggers a feeling of tiredness, otherwise known as a ‘food coma’. Good or complex carbs take more time to absorb and provide energy that lasts longer. They also help reduce cravings and aid in weight loss and maintenance. Pastries and white bread are simple carbs whereas wholegrain bread, lentils, beans, honey, fruits and vegetables are all complex carbs.

  • Fats

Not all fats are created equal, and just like carbs, there are good and bad fats. A boxer’s diet should contain a healthy amount of good fats, also known as unsaturated fats, to promote cell building functions and aid the body in maintaining energy. Competitive boxers taking frequent punches to the head should include omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids in their diet as they are both great stimulants for brain health. However, even good fats need to be consumed in moderation. Some sources of good fat include olives, seafood, almonds, avocados, canola oil, flax seed and fish oil.

  1. Burns Visceral Fat

Boxing doesn’t just help you burn calories. It also helps get rid of visceral fat, whichis the fat around the waist. This type of fat is a major concern for most individuals and plays a big role in a variety of health concerns. Abdominal fat is associated with many toxins that make you more susceptible to health risks such as heart disease, diabetes and different forms of cancer. It does so by engaging your abs and lower & upper body together to throw punches. The sport strengthens the core muscles too, as you need to duck and weave while facing an opponent. If you struggle with visceral fat, you will see how strengthening your core with boxing will help you improve your posture and make you slimmer and leaner.

Besides the benefits mentioned above, boxing is also a great way to get fit,lose weight and meet new people. Remember, high-intensity workouts are not just for athletes; they are something anyone and everyone can do. If you are committed to working hard, maintaining a healthy diet and attending classesregularly, you will see changes in no time.