Importance of Management Softwares for Martial Arts Studios

The rise of mainstream martial arts such as Ultimate Fighting Champion has brought incredible popularity on this recreational activity. There is also considerable growth in the mixed martial arts equipment market, with sales expected to generate ‘$565 million by 2022’. As the martial arts industry continues to mature, there is no denying the need for business owners to respond with innovative options.

Importance of Management Softwares for Martial Arts Studios

Small to medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) are becoming increasingly reliant on digital processes to help improve the overall function of their businesses. If you own a mixed martial arts studio, understanding the benefits of implementing optimized solutions is also important. This article introduces martial arts management software and identifies 4 core functions that will help advance your business.

Defining Martial Arts Software


According to Social Articles Tracking &, martial arts management software is an innovative method of managing business operations. Specifically designed for studios, this automated mobile application enables staff and management to carry out daily tasks.

The effectiveness of integrating these applications is reflected in the markets expected increase in compound annual growth rate (CAGR). As reported in this year’s market analysis, by 2025 the CAGR of martial arts software is projected to increase by +13%. The integration of this technology has also been correlated with positive business growth, according to fin24tech. It enables businesses to leverage new opportunities and also increases competitive differentiation.

Martial arts software improves studio service as it removes the focus from administration to performance. The following list are some of the administrative activities that can be conducted using martial arts software:

1. Membership Management

Studio time can become high paced, and depending on how many staff members are on-site, membership management can be pushed to the side. This may include the registration of new students, updates to current membership accounts and various tasks associated with student profiles. This software software enables you to carry out these tasks with the touch of a button on your mobile device. Whether you need to easily search for contact information or require real-time access to student accounts, this application does the trick.

2. Billing and Payments

Another convenient feature of this software, for both instructor and student, is the ability for payments to be made electronically. It enables studio owners to track how many students are signed-up and the status of their payments. For students or their parents, credit card processing is made simple using this application.

3. Studio scheduling

Martial arts software is also an easy way to manage your studio’s schedule. It allows you to communicate any timely circumstances that may affect hours of operation or promote special studio events.

4. Check-ins

Traditional systems require students to check-in at the front desk. Now, more and more studios are adopting automated systems or offering swipe cards to complete this process. To take it one step further, the use of martial arts software offers students the option of checking-in through their phone. It further communicates with the studio by updating the students profile and balancing class attendance records.

Based on the above benefits, martial arts software proves to be an effective application for studios interested in growing their business. Whether you’re a start-up or are an existing company looking to improve internal processes, technology is a key driver to your success.

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