Different Types of Muay Thai Kicks You Need to Know


Muay Thai involves the use of your shins, elbows, and knees as weapons. Powerful kicks play a major role in your performance as good kickers are at an advantage. In today’s post, we’ll take a look at some of the types of kicks that you need to know as a Muay Thai fighter.

Push Kick

Also known as Teep Kick, this type of kick is basically a long range straight foot-thrust. A push kick is a powerful weapon to target the opponent’s solar plexus, hips, abs, and even the face. It helps to set up an attack and keeps the opponent at a distance. It’s a bold, fast, and disruptive move meant to dominate the opponent in the ring.

Round Kick

This Muay Thai kick is used to target almost all body parts of the opponent. Round kicks have the following variations:

  • Low Kick: It mainly targets the inner or outer thighs and knee joints. It’s a very powerful kick and considered as one of the most damaging in any form of martial art. It’s like hitting the leg of the opponent with a baseball bat. When used correctly, this move can make the opponent fall, fetching you a big score in matches.
  • Mid Kick: It targets the torso, rib cage, and the arms. This round kick follows an attack on the opponent’s This makes it difficult for the opponent to maintain a powerful defence for a long time. Repeated kicking of the arms also weakens the power of the opponent’s punches. Also referred to as body kick, it’s a trademark move in Muay Thai and it paves the way for a fight-ending high kick.
  • High Kick: It targets the head and neck. One of the most spectacular Muay Thai moves, it involves tricking the opponent to lower their guard before aiming for the head or neck. A high kick is a fight finisher.
  • Switch Kick: This variation of a round kick is mainly used as a weapon to mislead the opponent with footwork, timing, and speed. It helps to instantly change your power leg to attack the opponent’s body.

Jumping Kick

It’s not a common type of Muay Thai kick but it’s a more impressive move than any standard round kick when performed right. It requires the fighter to jump while aiming to kick. The momentum and the power generated during the kick are very high which makes it one of the strongest Muay Thai techniques to use.

Muay Thai kicks are hard to learn. They require proper training and exhaustive practice to pull off in a fight. If you want to learn the kick techniques, enrol yourself in a reputed martial arts training facility that focuses on individual abilities and helps you discover your potential. Contact Legends Mixed Martial Arts in Brampton and try out any of our classes for free!