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Boxing Classes in Brampton: A Guide to Blocking and Countering

Boxing is a both a martial art and a popular sport. It is also an excellent workout that can aid in weight loss, increase your muscle strength, and serve as effective self-defence. Blocking and countering (i.e. answering the opponent’s blows with an attack) are the two primary principles of boxing. Let’s look at what boxing classes in Brampton will teach you about both. Boxing Classes in Brampton: All You Need to Know About Blocking & Countering Here is everything you need to know Read more [...]

Boxing Classes in Brampton: Which of These 4 Styles Is Right for You?

Boxing is both a martial art and a combat sport. In it, two opponents matched in weight throw punches at each other for a decided time while wearing protective gear. The protective gear includes hand wraps, mouthguards, boxing gloves and headgear. The earliest evidence of boxing can be traced to Sumeria in the 3rd millennium BCE. It first appeared as a sport at the 23rd Olympiad in 680 BCE. Boxing is also known as pugilism, which is related to the Latin word pugnus, meaning ‘fists’. Boxing Read more [...]

How Boxing Training in Brampton Shapes Youth Development

Boxing is more than just a sport, especially for the youth of Brampton. It is also a powerful tool for their overall development. Besides improving their physical fitness, boxing offers youths a way to build mental strength and resilience while also protecting them from negative influences. In this post, Brampton’s leading MMA gym explores how boxing training is positively impacting young people by offering them an all-encompassing approach to wellness. This includes self-confidence, teamwork, Read more [...]

7 Sparring Tips for Beginners in Boxing

Sparring is important for becoming a competent fighter. It’s the best training method, hands-down to improve your boxing skills. Sparring regularly helps to keep your skills sharp. To someone new to the sport, however, sparring could seem very intimidating. It can be difficult for a new person to tell the difference between sparring and an actual fight. Follow these simple tips for sparring to overcome any fears you may have. Remember to master your emotions This isn’t just limited to sparing Read more [...]