Martial Arts Better than Team Sports for Kids, Here’s Why

martial arts for kids

There are many activities available for kids these days to take part in. However, there’s no program which encompasses character development and physical education like martial arts.

There are several reasons why martial arts are amazing for a child’s development, especially when compared to most team sports. Let’s go over some of those reasons.


As children progress in martial arts, they become more skilled. This boosts their confidence allowing them to be more self-confident. Their teacher or sensei’s encouragement facilitates their success.

Self –defence

Unlike most team sports, practising martial arts allows a child to be proficient in self-defence.


Kids learn to respect their colleagues and opponents through martial arts. Each technique takes many hours to master, requiring dedication. Having gone through the training himself/herself, the child will come to appreciate the work that goes into training.

Gender Equality

Both girls and boys can participate in martial arts, unlike most team sports. Several prominent girls have dominated national, regional and local competitions. Martial arts also give sisters and brothers the chance to train together. This way they learn a lot from each other too.

Athletic Development

The main goal of martial arts is perseverance and technical prowess. The training itself provides a full body workout. Your hands, heads, hips, feet, grips, all need to move together in a fluid motion.

Whether it’s for fun or fitness, martial arts is a great way to build a child’s character. It teaches a variety of skills which will stay with your kids throughout their lives. Taking part in martial arts helps give them a solid footing on which they can build their adult lives.