Top 3 Reasons Why Wrestlers Dominate MMA (Will They Continue To?)

Wrestling is one of the most important sports to master if you are aiming to compete in MMA fighting. Some even believe that it is the best base for MMA.

Indeed, without knowing basic wrestling styles, it is difficult to become a top MMA fighter.

This has not always been the case. In past years, Brazilian jiu-jitsu (BJJ) fighters, especially Royce Gracie, dominated MMA. He became a champion in the first UFC event by defeating bigger and stronger fighters using BJJ.

But, since then, wrestlers like Mark Coleman and Dan Severn have overtaken BJJ fighters. And fighters with a strong wrestling base continue to dominate MMA.

Many wrestling schools in Brampton and elsewhere in the GTA teach various wrestling styles like Greco-Roman and freestyle wrestling that are excellent for MMA training and fighting.

Keep reading to find out why wrestling dominates MMA.

Why Do Top Wrestling Schools in Canada Turn Out Top MMA Fighters?

These are the main reasons why wrestling is such a good base for MMA fighters.

1. MMA’s Rules and Scoring System Favour Wrestling

MMA fighters score points when they use effective grappling or striking techniques, aggressiveness, and ground control. Besides these, judges also grant more points for takedowns. Hence, a wrestler has more chance of winning an MMA match.

This is because wrestling prioritizes takedowns. So, even if your opponent is winning while fighting from a standing position, one takedown by the wrestler at the last moment is enough to reverse the circumstances.

Also, if the wrestler is able to take down their opponent in the initial stage, they can score points even if they keep them pinned to the ground for the entire match. Doing so also limits their opponent’s ability to counterattack.

2. Wrestlers Have a Tough Training Routine and Are Used to Competing

Unlike the peaceful environment in a BJJ class, where you learn more about self-defence techniques, wrestling is mostly about offensive techniques. Wrestlers are expected to continue working out and training beyond their limits.

Many wrestling schools in Brampton train students by making them lift weights, do explosive push-ups and perform other intense training. This makes them strong enough to endure every kick and punch in an MMA match. Also, they do not have a hard time picking up the various fighting styles of MMA like Muay Thai, jiu-jitsu and BJJ.

Also, if wrestlers have competed in competitions before, they know how to handle the pressure during such times. Some have even taken part in the Olympics. With lights, cameras, and an audience surrounding them, they do not feel nervous at all.

3. Wrestlers Determine Where the Fight Will Take Place

Whether the fight will take place on the ground or while standing depends upon the wrestler. They can take their opponent down if they wish or use striking or grappling techniques while standing.

Many MMA fighters prefer fighting while standing. Once a wrestler realizes that their opponent’s weakness is fighting on the ground, they can easily take them down and pin them to win more points.

On the other hand, if their opponent is a BJJ fighter, they will immediately understand that they are more comfortable fighting on the ground. In such a situation, they can decide to remain standing to fight.

Will Wrestling Dominate MMA in the Future?

MMA is a popular sport that is constantly evolving, so wrestling may not continue to dominate it. The rules may change, and new sets of fighters will keep coming up to participate in MMA tournaments.

The present MMA fighters have to learn and adapt to the trending skillset to score better in MMA competitions. As of now, wrestlers transition best into the competitive environment of MMA than other martial artists. So, it is important for fighters to have a strong wrestling background to dominate current MMA tournaments.

Many wrestling schools in Brampton and elsewhere in the GTA provide such training to make their students ready for MMA competitions. Without a strong wrestling base, athletes will have a harder time defending themselves against wrestling takedowns, especially if they have expertise only in striking.

However, this trend is bound to change. The next generation of MMA fighters may not have any particular martial arts background. Rather, they may have trained in MMA itself from a young age and mastered different fighting styles. If so, they will not be affected by wrestling takedowns or similar moves.

There are many views when it comes to the discussion of whether wrestling will continue to have a strong influence on MMA. Some experts believe it will dominate MMA for a long time. According to them, it is a better base than any other martial art, like Brazilian jiu-jitsu or Muay Thai. So, MMA athletes with a strong wrestling background can put their wrestling skills to use in future fights, even if they decide to focus on some other fighting style.

Now that you know why wrestling is important for MMA, consider starting your wrestling training and make your base strong for MMA. If you are looking for a popular and reliable wrestling school in Brampton, think about enrolling at Legends MMA. We offer specialized training in each martial art for different age groups and are considered one of the top wrestling schools in Canada.