Which Style of Boxing Gloves Is Best for You? (Simple Guide)

Boxing is a fun and challenging sport that works as both exercise and competition. But, whether you have been training for years or are just starting out, boxing gloves are indispensable.

But not all boxing gloves are the same. There are different types, each with its own use.

In this post we will outline some of the most important types of boxing gloves.

What Types of Boxing Gloves Are There?


The primary reason boxing gloves are used in boxing is to protect the boxer’s hands. Hand injuries are extremely common in martial arts like boxing, wrestling, and Muay Thai. That’s why gloves are mandatory in these combat sports – to aid the boxer in and out of competition and ensure the (relative) safety of you and your opponent.

Weight categories are used to build all boxing gloves. Depending on their intended use, they are padded with a variety of materials. These gloves are usually worn over hand wraps. These provide another level of safety by securing the bones in your hands and wrists.

Here, we discuss different types of boxing gloves to help you figure out which pair works best for you during your boxing lessons in Brampton.

  1. Training Gloves:  This is one of the most popular and common types of boxing gloves. Training gloves are considered all-purpose boxing gloves. They have been designed to withstand the impact and demands of a training routine. This includes a lot of work on heavy bags, but they are also effective for pad work, drills, and even aerobic work like boxercise.They come in a wide range of colours and weights. The weight you choose should be based on four major factors: hand size, height, body weight, and muscle development.

    In terms of muscle development, the heavier the glove, the more muscle that will be built. If you’re looking for the best muscle-building gloves, choose ones that are weighted at over 14 oz.

  2. Sparring Gloves:  The primary aim of sparring gloves is to protect both you and your sparring partner from knockouts and unnecessary damage to your face and head. Only use gloves that have been approved by professionals at your gym for sparring.Sparring gloves resemble training gloves in many ways. However, the padding is usually slightly softer or more cushioned, with better-optimized distribution to make impacts less harsh.

    The best sparring gloves are weighted at 16 or 18 oz. But to make sure you have the most effective and safest sparring gloves, ask your trainer. They will guide you as to whether yours are the right weight and safe and suitable for training.


  3. Professional Gloves:  Professional gloves are, as expected, mostly used for pro competitions. They are generally lighter than non-competition gloves, made with firmer padding, and almost always have a lace-up design.One significant feature of this style of glove is that it often sacrifices hand protection and sometimes comfort to maximize offence. This means they are designed to deliver as strong a punch as possible. That’s why they are not suitable for everyday training and should not be used outside of competitions.

    For most competitions, you’ll be using 8 or 10 oz. gloves, depending on your weight. If you see cheap ‘pro-style’ boxing gloves for sale near you, don’t be fooled. These are just brands using the term as an advertising gimmick and are usually just basic training gloves. Professional boxers pay a handsome price for a good pair.


  4. Bag Gloves:  The main advantage of modern bag gloves is their lightness. Their reduced padding makes it easier to understand how the fist is placed on the bag and therefore whether you are hitting well or badly. This is especially helpful for new boxers as it allows them to recognize and correct errors in their technique.They are also pretty indestructible. The hard, flat shape towards the front allows you to practice endlessly without risk of damage.

    Do not confuse them with traditional bag gloves. It is advised that you stay away from traditional bag gloves because they lack the support and protection of modern boxing gloves.

There are other types of sports gloves, including muay Thai gloves and mixed martial arts (MMA) gloves. Now, use this guide to identify the types of boxing gloves you’re going to need. If you still have questions, contact Legends MMA’s boxing experts to find the best pair of gloves for you.